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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  September 26, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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full faith and credit of the united states of america. >> more debt and no reform. >> a lot of you have seen some of the antics going on in congress. >> put five rednecks on a mower, it's going to be epic. >> others have threatened an economic shutdown. >> i do not like them, sam, i am. >> there's been a lot of things said, a lot of misinformation. >> well, i'm sorry but it just doesn't work that way. >> that isn't going to happen as long as i'm president. ♪ you mean >> good afternoon, we begin with just five days to go before the rollout to the health care under the affordable care act and an increasingly desperate gop cranking up their opposition in a mad panic to stop the law before anyone can start to enjoy the benefits. yes, and while john boehner and company test their nerve for a potential shutdown or worse,
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default to try to stop the law, the president was on the road today in maryland urging the uninsured to go online and taste and see that the law is good. >> knowing you can offer your family the security of health care, that's priceless. now you can do it for the cost of your cable bill. probably less than your cell phone bill. i promise you if you go on the website and it turns out you're going to save 100, 200, $300 a month on your insurance or you're going to be able to buy it for the first time, even if you didn't vote for me, i'll bet you'll sign up for that health care plan. [ cheers and applause ] >> ah, but, of course, that is exactly what republicans are afraid of as the president knows only too well. >> the rhetoric has just been cranked up to a place i've never seen before. we have to and i'm quoting here,
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we have to repeal this failure before it literally kills women, kills children, kills senior citizens. i just want to point out we still have women, we still have children, we still have senior citizens. >> ah, that was the great congresswoman michele bachmann, of course, and as the president noted it would be funny if it weren't so deranged. case in point speaker john boehner who remarkably and unusually was actually at work today claiming to have no interest whatsoever in shutting down the government. >> we have no interest in seeing the government shut down but we've got to address the spending problems that we haven't in this town. and so there will be options available to us, they're not going to be any speculation about what we're going to do or not do until the senate passes their bill. >> and one of those options is to ratchet up the budget fight even further.
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wrestling those rascally house members into commission on temporary funding of the government by promising a treasure trove chess of gop loot to be tied to raising the debt ceiling. republican demands would include a delay to the nation's health care law, of course, but also the elimination of greenhouse gas regulations, good for asthmatics and the authorization of the keystone pipeline. an end to the social service grants that fund day care and provide meals for the elderly, well done and the elimination of parts of dodd-frank financial renorm. goodness me, i wonder is there anything left? >> i didn't see mentioned a birther bill to attach. >> right, i'm sure they're just about to add that. right to our panel, msnbc contributor joy reid who is the managing editor of the and dana millbank of "the washington post." dana, your commentary on this
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experience, this has been exceptional and republicans appear to think it is literally christmas come early. they're making a list, checking it twice. i wonder if they're going to make hillary clinton wear an elf costume and feast on roast eric holder. >> i think that's just the beginning. they haven't put benghazi in there. >> that's a -- that's good. >> they have not tried to off big bird ainge i see nothing about sending all msnbc hosts to get mowed so i think we have a long way to go and this is really smart politics. you really want to try to jeopardize the full faith and credit of the united states. >> joy, the only chestnuts roasting on an open fire would be appear to be ted cruz's at the -- >> he pissed off -- >> what did you say? >> oh, i'm sorry. at the end of the day the opposition -- let's start with the health care reform. the message they're trying to
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convince people it's a bad thing for you to be able to afford health care. i had a doctor's appointment this morning. the first thing they ask when you go -- >> i do develop. >> what insurance do you have? >> correct. >> then they have to see your insurance card before they will ask you what's wrong with you. that is way the system works. if you don't have an insurance card it's not a bad thing that you're going to now be able to afford to get a policy for your family for something like $100 a month. ha isn't a bad thing you're getting subsidized to do it but republicans have to convince people this is awful. this is the end of civilization and in order for them to not shut the government down we have to pollute our water and make every child read ayn rand and take away all protections because they think that's great. >> to reassure our viewers, it was nothing too serious because our viewers love you. >> no. >> dana, the president himself called out many of the tactics being used to oppose including a recent add by the broeshs koch. take a listen to the president. >> some of the tea party's
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biggest donors, some of the wealthiest men in america are funding a cynical ad campaign trying to convince young people not to buy health care at all. now, do you think if you get sick or you get hurt and you get stuck with a massive bill these same folks, they're going to help you out? >> all: no. >> dana, is clearly an intelligent crowd there but is there anything more sick than billionaires trying to convince young people to foresake health care, pay the fine because they've broken the law just to stick it to the president of the united states? >> it really has reached a fever pitch right now and that's because starting next week people start to enroll in this and the concern has been once people start seeing what the benefits are they've lost the opportunity to repeal so this is sort of deadline for the repeal battle and it's going ahead from there so i suppose you'd expect a lot of hysteria to come out now. in a way it doesn't matter what the president is going to say.
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the program will rise or fall on its own merits. i think the president has to look ahead to the budget battle, the credit battle and that's going to be where the issue is and that's a winnable fight. he has to hit his message hard and keep at it. >> joy, we're just hearing that republicans now want to add an abortion term limit in exchange for raising the debt limit. what does a woman's reproductive processes have to do with the full faith and credit of the united states. i mean i know we like to plame women for everything in this country but tell me, what has that got to do with the full faith and credit of the united states? >> it's strange. first of all there should be nothing on the table for us paying our bills and for the full faith and credit to be upheld. every member of congress ought to have as their priority preserve the credit rating across the globe. for him to tie anything to it is absurd. the white house said they won't negotiate at all. you cannot constantly tie number
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one the paying of our bills, the funding of the government but also literally the credit rating of the united states across this globe. that really affects the global financial situation. you can't tie that to these ideal logical desires that extremists in the republican party have. it's crazy. >> dana, to joy's point. we've witnessed ted cruz this week sponsored by the american society of narcissists and you've reported brilliantly all week on his performance. he now would appear to be the kind of head the de facto or apparent head of the republican party certainly in most places of the media. you open any newspaper including your, his face is on the front page of everything. >> right. he is the de facto leader of the senate and mitch mcconnell has to listen and do what he said. the filibuster or bladder buster, whatever we call it was a failure. the only way it was a success in boosting ted cruz's prominence
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and his importance to the tea party. he knew that's what he was doing. this was all about ted cruz in the first place and it was a spectacular success at that. now, it brought us all closer to a showdown here, but, of course, that's of little difference to him because he's the leader of basically it's government by ransom like hostage-takers. you do as we say or the hostage is going to get it, in this case the hostage is the american economy. >> joy reid and dana milbank, thanks for joining us. coming up we talk to congressman elijah cummings about the reignited uproar over wall street bonuses and the ceo now holding the matches. ♪ this is for you. ♪ [ male announcer ] bob's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen
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it's barely five years since the financial sector brought about the worst economic collapse since the great depression. and with newly released economic indicators for unemployment claims to revise gdp numbers showing that the recovery is ongoing but still sluggish one might expect a little humility from those responsible but sadly that would be to expect too much. consider the case of robert benmashay and now the ceo of aig. his firm's name is now synonymous with corporate bailout and yet in a remarkable interview this week with "the wall street journal" he had the audacity and rank bad taste to suggest that the public's disgust with paying massive bonuses to aig's staff in 2009 what akin to the jim crow south. the uproar he said was intended
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to stir public anger to get everybody out there with their pitchforks and hangman nooses and all of that. sort of like we did in the deep south decades ago and i think it was just as bad and just as wrong. joining us is democratic congressman elijah cummings. >> good to be with you, martin. >> mr. cummings, what does a man who got 24% pay raise last year upping his salary to $13 million who leads a company where fraud and deceit was standard practice, a company whose activities brought the global economy to its knees, what on earth does he know about centuries of suffering and the barbaric practice of lynching? >> i got to tell you, martin, i was shocked that anyone would equate criticism with regard to the bailout of aig and, by the
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way, it was tens of billions of dollars from taxpayers' funds and would equate criticism of bonuses going to people that actually helped to bring our economy down relate that in any way to lynchings is really, really sad and i can tell you, i have a personal view in that in that my mother and father basically plowed the land where their parents were slaves so when you have that insensitivity coming from a man who heads a corporation that our taxpayers bailed out, it is simply incredible and inexcusable. >> and yet mr. benmosce said in a statement it's a poor choice of words. i never meant to offend anyone by it. but, sir -- >> that's not an apology, first of all and i really don't think -- first of all, i think he owes all of -- every taxpayer in this country an apology and,
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number two, i really question whether somebody like that is fit to head up a corporation that we bailed out, that we the american people bailed out. >> mr. cummings, here's the problem. isn't that precisely what happens when these bankers are never punished, nobody ever goes to jail, they only get bailed out by the government, therefore, they act with complete impunity. they've learned absolutely nothing. of course, he's going to say offensive things like that. why shouldn't he? >> yeah, there really does need to be consequences when you do wrong things, and, clearly here the consequences have not been there. as a matter of fact and that's one of the things i was complaining about five, four -- four or five years ago, martin, the whole idea that these same folks would go out there and after receiving, again, taxpayers' money would go and have parties and get bonuses and
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it was just -- it was like spitting in the face of every single taxpayer and but there's a disconnect clearly between folks -- some of these folks on wall street and the rest of us who live day-to-day lives like those in my community. >> here's the problem, to bring this back to your own workplace, congressman, we're hearing that republicans are, as you know, adding a shopping list of demands to any plan to raise the debt limit. >> that's right. >> and this includes defunding and destroying the consumer financial protection bureau. an institution that exists for your constituents, so here's the rub, we must bail the banks out but we cannot -- we must never ever do anything to protect ordinary consumers. >> yeah, the consumer protection bureau is very, very important and it's amazing that when
1:18 pm
you're talking about the full faith and credit of the united states of america, you've got folks who are willing to do major damage to our country and to the world economy, martin, and do things like defund the consumer protection bureau and as you well know a lot of this is all about defunding and destroying the affordable care act. and that's very, very unfortunate. i've said it many times, the late jack kemp, republican congressman said if you really want to serve your party, if you really want to serve it, you ought to serve your country first and i can tell you from what i am seeing, this is not about serving country. >> going back to mr. benmosche, stupid things people say about race happens to be one of the themes of the president's power health care speech. take a listen. >> you had a state representative somewhere say that it's as destructive to
1:19 pm
personal and individual liberty as the fugitive slave act. hi about that. affordable health care is worse than a law that lets slave owners get their runaway slaves back. >> now, the man who made that comment about the fugitive slave law is a republican state representative from new hampshire. however, he's reportedly interested in being one of your colleagues in the house. do you have any advice for mr. bill o'brien? >> well, i would hope that he would not come to the congress. we have enough problems with a group of tea party folk who seem to want to control the congress and seem to be doing a pretty good job of it. sadly. we've got -- the american people want us to work together to address their issues. they want us to be about the business of creating jobs and making it possible for their children to do better than what they've done.
1:20 pm
at the rate we're going, that is simply not happening. and it's sad, but the whole idea of cutting off our future like not providing adequate funds for cutting off the funds from nih and the consumer protection bureau and things of that nature don't create jobs as a matter of fact, it creates a lot of uncertainty and that's unfortunate. we've got -- we are a better country than that and i'm hoping we can turn this around. >> sir, i sincerely hope so. congressman elijah cummings, thank you. >> thank you. coming up a show of support for same-sex marriage. how bush 41 helped put a ring on it. ♪ asional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues...
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earlier this week former president george w. bush
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challenged critics who complain his successor plays too much golf. it was an apolitical gesture befitting the office of the presidency. saturday, however, it was his father, former president george h.w. bush who made an even dramatic statement unburdened by political realities. there he was, 89 years old, attending as a witness to the same-sex marriage between two longtime friends in maine and in that act, bush the elder acknowledges something his party must unmistakably understand moving into 2014 and beyond for better, not worse. same-sex marriage will ultimately be a reality for everyone in america. stay with us. once again, life imitates art. >> mike lee, i am your father. >> la, la, la, luke, l-l-luke, i
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but phillips' caplets don't. they have magnesium. for effective relief of occasional constipation. thanks. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'. from 21 hours to 67 votes here are today's "top lines." there is a math problem on that. >> ted cruz. >> thed. >> ted cruz is 21 hour plus quote/unquote statement. >> after 21 plus hours of talking -- >> mike lee, i am your father. >> he's not well. >> la, la, la luke. >> 21 hours of straight talk. >> i am your father. >> he's waving this flag and he's saying, hey -- >> mild expletive for manure. >> his colleagues are waving this flag saying, oh, let's surrender. >> marathon faux filibuster had little to no impact on his republican colleagues. >> you had tough words for ted cruz. >> to be told we're not
1:29 pm
listening by somebody who does not listen is disconcerting. >> tom coburn is not -- >> show me where you get 67 votes. >> there's a math problem. >> i didn't go to harvard or princeton but you did. >> princeton, ew. >> i won't study with anyone who didn't go to harvard, yale or princeton. >> this is a fight to get the washington establishment to listen to the people. >> what a snob. >> the sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart and being thoughtful and being generous. >> trust me i hope senator cruz's oratory convinces five democratic senators to vote with us. >> i was appalled by the analogy to world war ii and hitler. >> neville chamberlain who told the british people except the nazis. >> was way out of line y. >> when he read green eggs and ham, i don't know if he read it. >> you go about a book about a stubborn jerk who decides he
1:30 pm
hates something before he tries it. when he gets a taste he has to admit this is pretty [ bleep ] good. >> let's get right to our panel joining us is msnbc contributor jimmy williams. replane dent in bow tie and hogan kidly resplendent in gingham and a silver tie. hogan, you're a republican. i have a simple question for you. who is currently your leader? is it speaker boehner, ted cruz, rush limbaugh or dr. seuss? >> i think none of the above or a gings combination of all of t. probably a combination. i think -- you know, massively influential in the conservative movement. when you have no leadership or rudder at the top you get the loudest voices out there to come to the front and they're the ones who end up being the de facto leader or been around for a long time. the rush limbaughs of the world who people look to for the movement. the conservative movement. look, we had about 56 million
1:31 pm
people vote for mitt romney in the last election and it looks like around 20 million per week listen to rush limbaugh so he's got a large swath of that audience listening and tuning in to him every day telling him, giving them marching orders on the conservative -- >> but, hogan, normally a leader is someone who can unify a party and become its spearhead. who is the single individual in the republican party right now who is able to do that? >> first of all i appreciate your concern for the leaderless republican party. i can sense it in your voice. thank you for that, but, listen, that's the problem. i don't think we have one right now. we have a lot of voices out there and part of this is just a symptom of not having the white house, okay, we don't have the bully pulpit. the president does. he did a pretty good job today out on the you campaign trail. >> hogan, hogan, hogan. i'm afraid if you look at the senate floor right now or just a couple of minutes ago, you would have seen ted cruz once again opining proving that he has a
1:32 pm
very strong dose of verbal diarrhea and has a pulpit himself and he's using it 21 hours and so on and continuing today. but, jimmy, here's rush limbaugh on the subject of who runs the republican party, take a listen to him. >> and i'm not working with the republican party, try as you people might, to make me out to be the leader of the republican party, i'm not. i may be de facto. >> there you go, jimmy. i'm not, but i may be the de facto leader. >> he who doth protest too hard a redneck from south carolina. >> i have an idea as to who the leader of the republican party is today. and it's somebody that gave up a very safe senate seat from south carolina. it's someone that could have been in the senate forever, could have maybe one day been senate republican leader and his name is jim demint. he resigned his seat then went over to become the ceo and president of the heritage foundation, a former
1:33 pm
conservative think tank where they put out white papers and policy papers but today it is now the new political arm in line with the koch brothers on how you run ads to defeat republicans who you don't think are conservative enough. that's who is actually running the republican party these days. it's not mitch mcconnell or speaker boehner who i admire and respect, it's jim demint. he left the senate because he knew he had zero power there. now he's on the outside and can screw with any single republican in the house or senate that doesn't do exactly what he and the tea party and liberty movement want and does that by primarying and running ads against them. conservative senator, bob corker, he's not a moderate. he a conservative from tennessee but not good enough for jim and the tea party h is the problem with the republicans. they are going to split. right now they're one party, the tea party is going to force a divorce in this family and it's going to happen before the 2016 election. >> hogan, according to jimmy, it is actually jim demint and he,
1:34 pm
of course, and his organization have been sending threatening letters to various individuals in the senate, praising ted cruz, jim demint, the leader of the republican party, how about that? >> right, the leader of the group who came up with the individual mandate as i recall. >> correct. >> but now they're against it. >> senator jim demint who just penned an op-ed or was quoted in a story talking about how romney was wrong on obama care when he actually supported mitt romney in 2008 publicly and did the same thing behind the scenes in 2010. we got problems at the top. i don't know who is at the top. we have no one minding the store at this point and when you don't have that you have a lot of people with a lot of sound and theory sadly signifying nothing. we could actually move forward and get some people on our side, most of the america doesn't like obama care but shot ourselves in the food so many times it'll be tough to run anything much less for president in 2016. >> but --
1:35 pm
>> go ahead. >> you have to be for something. democrats prefer ohm care. you have to be for something. you can't say no, no, no all the time because then you're just a mean parent. with the republicans, they've got to coalesce around a group of ideas. newt gingrich did it with a contract with america. why can't the republicans today do it like they did it in 1994 and i have an answer why. they aren't unify the and can't be until they get rid of the fringe element of the tea party and let the normal sort of average run-of-the-mill republican in the country that could be a soccer mom or, you know, a dad or what have you, they want government out of their lives but these people are crazy and they don't care. they will burn the republican party to the ground if you guys let them. that's the saddest part. >> jimmy is right, isn't he? as i reflect on the last sort of two years, i can't think of anything that the republican party was for. last week voted to slash and throw 5 million people off food stamps, nutrition they
1:36 pm
desperately need. you don't want people to have affordable health care. you want to close down the department of education so people don't have resources like that. millions of people, elderly peel as a result of the sequester no longer receive free meals on wheels. i mean, what does the republican party actually stand for? what can you say in positive terms? >> well, that's a great point. we stand for a lot of things. the problem is we don't have someone out front talking about it. we don't have anyone who is rallying to a cause other than no. and that's the issue -- but, look, we are -- there are a lot of people in our party, a lot of folks that i deal with every day who we struggle in our own party. we have varying factions but the democrats do too. we have a problem articulating a vision to rally a nation but if we get a leader and get the white house back we can do that. >> let's hope that dr. seuss is reincarnated. hogan gidley and jimmy williams, thank you, gentlemen. >> thank. the all too familiar mass shooting in america.
1:37 pm
but this time the surveillance footage of a madman with a shotgun tells the full shocking tale. i'm on expert on softball. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for, because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them,
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...that lets you be closer to home. that's so cool. [ male announcer ] get $100 in instant savings when you order digital life smart security. limited availability in select markets. ♪ frnl disturbing new insights into the mind of a deranged killer were revealed. this released thursday follows aaron alexis seen here entering the navy yard just like countless other employees and roaming the hallways armed with a remington 80 shotgun searching for victims. on that weapon a trio of etchings, one reads my elf weapon, presumably a reference to the extremely low frequency elect electromagnetic waves the authorities say may have been haunting him. another a stroke of defiance, and perhaps the most shock of
1:41 pm
all, end to the torment. a torment that only came to an end after 12 more names were added to the list. joining me is now msnbc contributor professor james peterson. professor, the video release the by the fbi shows aaron alexis in the actual process of perpetrating an horrific crime. it's something we rarely get to see and also it's pertinent, is it not that's walking around with a shotgun and, of course, we now know what he did and the effect that shotgun had on the lives of so many. what is your reaction to seeing those images? >> these are some harrowing images, martin, the video and the still images. you can see them and imagine the fear of some of the people in this video. you know, the fbi suggests to us they had to release this video and these images for a number of reasons, but chief amongst them that they wanted to prove that there was only one shooter and
1:42 pm
to just get the evidence out to the public about exactly what happened at this sort of awful moment and, again, in our nation's history i feel for the families that had to -- that are watching these, the families that are watching these, as well. tough to see the footage but i think it's important for americans to face up to the range of challenges when we're thinking about mass shootings and gun violence and commonsense -- >> the significance he's carrying a powerful shotgun. >> that he bought just before this. >> yes. >> so there are a lot of issues here. there are a lot of issues and i know people will be prone to want to talk about the mental health issues. as i've said on your program before we need to maintain the facts here. the overwhelming majority of people with mental health challenges are not violent. unfortunately because of mass shootings, though, martin, studies are showing our perception of the connection and the interrelatedness between gun violence and mental health is on the rise by people who are watching media so we have to
1:43 pm
really make sure that we don't allow that kind of distraction to take place. most mental health with challenges are not violent. it's important to understand what happened but we shouldn't sort of overgeneralize this in terms of our conversations about gun control. >> yet, absolutely professor, in addition to what the fbi reported thursday, we know that aaron alexis had a history of mental issues from paranoia to what appears to be a form of schizophrenia. there are a number of incidents involving the police yet he was still able to purchase a very powerful weapon. now, does his story not support the nra thesis that homicidal lunatics cannot be prevented from getting their hands on lethal weapons? >> actually, no, no, it doesn't support the nra's story because there is a good chance if we had a robust universal background check system and if we had not been destroying our social safety net with respect to mental health care over the last
1:44 pm
20, 30 years he would have been flagged. progressives need to stand up and say, first, we have to make sure we're addressing mental health challenges broadly speaking and there is a very good chance if we have robust universal background checks he would have been flagged when he bought that. that's just a simple fact of the matter so i think this is actually a case that counters the nra's claim more than it supports it. also, martin, this is an opportunity for us to talk about other important and related issues. the proliferation of guns. over 300 million guns in circulation amongst civilian, the army and police together only have about 3 million. we have to talk point privatization of our military and people would think we're politicizing the issue but important to think about what is going on. why were the standards lowered in terms of the private firms that are associated with the military in this particular case. there are lots of things for us to consider in this complex and sad issue. >> also worth remembering the affordable care act includes specific provisions for mental
1:45 pm
health issues. professor james -- >> come on. >> thank you so much, sir. >> thank you. coming up, as a nation takes its aspirin and shake office the ted cruz hangover will congress sober up in time to avoid a government shutdown? i'm not sure. [ female announcer ] are you sensitive to dairy? then you'll love lactose-free lactaid® it's 100% real milk that's easy to digest so you can fully enjoy the dairy you love.
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that hangover effect you've seen on the republicans faces or some of them is the realization that after ted cruz's talk, there's still very little chance of defunding the affordable care act and now there's even less time to avoid a government shutdown. joining us to discuss is democratic senator bob casey of pennsylvania, good afternoon, sir. >> good to be with you. thank you. >> sir, by our count ted cruz used some form of the word
1:49 pm
"jobs" about 290 times in his speech. yet, ironically "the wall street journal" reports the one effect of his push towards a government shutdown may be to delay the release next week of the monthly jobs report. do they not understand that for all their talk of jobs, everything they do is having a disproportionately negative effect on job creation and jobs? >> absolutely. we all know you don't have to be -- >> you know but does he know? >> right. oh, does he -- well, i can't answer that. you'd have to ask him. but what i don't understand is for those who have said that we should be doing more to accelerate job creation, move the economy forward, a government shutdown goes in the opposite direction. it could crater and badly damage our ability to create jobs. >> right. now, that's the nation, but one thing i'm sure you're personally concerned about is keeping the senate democrat next year.
1:50 pm
gallup shows since november 2010, republicans, repeat, republicans who support the tea party has declined from 65% to today only 38%. how do republicans retake anything if they're dependent on tea party voters and tea party stars like ted cruz? >> well, i think you have your finger on what is the problem here. you have a situation where even if other members of the republican party in congress, house or senate want to go in a different direction and many of them do at least on getting this vote done today and wrapping this up so we have a budget in place, the steering wheel is being controlled by folks on the far right so until the republican leadership gets control of their party, we put at risk control of the economy and that's -- i think it's about as simple as that. look what's happening on the floor right now, martin.
1:51 pm
you see an agreement by basically 98 senators to vote today and to get this wrapped up so we can have some certainty this weekend there's not going to be a government shutdown and have two senators so far only two who are blocking even getting votes done today. so that they can have a good day of publicity on friday. this is -- this is outrageous conduct and unfortunately that's an understatement. >> it's absolutely an understatement. let me play you something the president said today about the misinformation campaign about the affordable care act. take a listen. >> they have made such a big political issue out of this trying to scare everybody with lies about death panels and killing granny. [ laughter ] >> right? i mean that's armageddon. >> senator, when voters come up to you are andary genuinely worried about the lies they keep hearing from lunatics talking about death panels, what do you
1:52 pm
say to them? >> well, first of all, the good news is most people in pennsylvania who have some uncertainty about or anxiety or concern about the affordable care act are a lot more lucid and a lot more -- a lot smarter than people in washington. so, look, even people that have concerns about it know that we can work together to make corrections and fix the problem. but what you hear from washington from a lot of far right members of congress is we peel the affordable care act and then walk away. because i have not heard any proposals that will provide the kind of protection for children, for families and help for small businesses that the affordable care act provides and yet, a lot of them seem to want to allow the far right to drive the bus every day and here's what we have for it. >> we look forward to their alternative in the next millennium. senator casey, thank you, sir. >> thanks, martin. and we'll be right back.
1:53 pm
but first mr. boehner, aren't we all allowed one bad hair day? [ laughter ] >> you need a haircut. >> really? >> mr. russert's carefully coifed hair failed to pass the test? comes from a man whose hair is impeccable but his caucus is not, stay with us. [ phil ] when you have joint pain and stiffness...
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from td ameritrade. congestion, for the smog. but there are a lot of people that do ride the bus. and now that the buses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution into the air. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment. time now to clear the air and the president received criticism for an ad laced with vulgar deception that encourages young people to break the law. >> some of the tea party's biggest donors, some of the
1:57 pm
wealthiest men in america are funding a cynical ad campaign trying to convince young people not to buy health care at all. i mean, think about it. these are billionaires, several times over, you know they've got good health care. >> the president was referring to this, produced by a conservative group with financial ties to the koch brothers. it contains pun pernicious falsehood given it's not the president but republicans who repeatedly expressed an interest in look up a woman's birth canal using a trance vaginal probe but what's so much worse is that this ad is not just recommending that young people break the law, it's also advising them to break a critically important social contract. you see, young people are generally healthy and without the costly onset of chronic disease so by signing up their contributions will help subsidize those members of society who are sick and in need of treatment and as the younger generation gets older and is more likely to require medical attention so they become the
1:58 pm
recipients of the system. but instead of this republicans want to demolish any kind of social contract and it's interesting that both the campaign to defund the affordable care act and their vote to slash $40 billion from the food stamp program have come together at the same time. because underlying all of this is the notion that self-interest and self-centeredness is preferable to a system which says we're all in this together. but if we all contribute to a system of affordable care then all of us can benefit. republican opposition to these principles is not just a challenge for the government, it's also a challenge for the church. at least since jerry falwell launched his crusade in 1979 and perhaps earlier the church was very effectively co-opted by republicans. but now denominations as different as the u.s. conference of catholic bishops and the national association of evangelicals have all condemned what republicans want to do with
1:59 pm
the food stamp program. so now we have a party that claims to be one of devout faith yet opposes any kind of social contract when it comes to health care and actually encouraging young people to break the law against another which has been derided as secular and godless yet actually upholds the notion of community and civic commitment. and all of this raises a single important question. >> i mean think about it. if it was as bad as they said it was going to be, then they could just go ahead and let it happen and everybody would hate it so much and then everybody vote to repeal it and that would be the end of it so what is it that they're so scared about? they -- >> that's right. we might prefer to honor an
2:00 pm
important social contract as opposed to worshiping at the shrine of selfishness. thank you so much for watching this afternoon. coming up next, "the ed show" with ed schultz. good evening, welcome to "the ed show." let's get to work. ♪ ♪ >> woe know that we can do even more when it comes to export. >> wait a minute. he said something that is very troubling to labor and here it is. >> i'm not there negotiating, the transpacific partnership and now a transatlantic trade partnership. >> it would be far larger than that. >> the nafta debate. >> the deal was engineered by the first bush administration and passed by the clinton administration. >> this has been a good deal


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